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Living with Passion And Purpose

Featuring "Awaken" by violinist Damien Escobar

Raise your hand if you know someone who ever dreaded Monday mornings and couldn't wait until Friday.

Now raise your hand if that person is you. Don't lie.

If you're like me -- and you're honest -- your hand is in the air.

Whether it is your current position, or a role you had in the past, we all know the feeling of watching the clock and waiting for the moment when we were "free" again.

But why is this a chronic issue in our society? Why, in this day and age are knowledge workers still chained to their desk and condemned if they spend too much time away from their cubicle?

Why do some companies still put a restriction on working hours, confining people to work within a fixed time frame and holding them in contempt if they aren't visible?

Does proximity really equal productivity? When each person is different, shouldn't the times and locations from which they do their best work be flexible as well?

As someone who has worked remotely as a freelancer for over 12 years and as a distributed team member for nearly 2 years, I don't need to be sold on the concept of remote work. I just get it. But not everyone is that way.

You might be a free spirit who feel like there is no wind beneath your wings. You see a life of passion and joy in front of you, but it seems like a dream that will never come true.

You've tried a few different "businesses". You've attempted to do your own thing. But it feels like you something is keeping you from moving forward into your destiny. You need your job. You are committed to doing great work, but there is also a part of you that knows that you were created for much more. That you shouldn't have to dread doing something day in and day out. That work should not be a place where you go, but something that you do...with passion.

This video was created for you. Don't ever give up.

I hope you enjoy it.

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